Welcome to the Official M-CHAT™
Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers

We strongly recommend that users switch to the new version, also known as M-CHAT-R/F. The revised tool reduces the false positive rate and detects more ASD cases than the original M-CHAT when used during routine pediatric check-ups. The M-CHAT-R/F is valid for children 16-30 months old.

To find scoring and translation information, click on one of the menus at the top of the page.

The validation paper can be accessed by those with a subscription to Pediatrics.

Guidelines for use:
Please note that although downloads are available for free from this website, the M-CHAT, M-CHAT-R/F and associated documents are not shareware or freeware. These are copyrighted instruments, and by downloading files from this website, you agree to follow these guidelines for use

  • Reprints/reproductions of the M-CHAT, M-CHAT-R/F and related materials must include the copyright at the bottom of the document. No modifications can be made to title, items, or instructions without permission from the authors. No enhancements can be made to the instrument, including addition of audio and/or visual material without prior permission from the authors.
  • Parties interested in reproducing the M-CHAT-R/F, M-CHAT or associated documents in print (e.g., a book or article) or electronically (e.g., as part of a website or software package to be distributed to others) must contact Diana Robins to request permission.
  • If you are part of a medical practice, and you want to incorporate the M-CHAT-R/F, M-CHAT-R, or M-CHAT into your own practice’s electronic medical record (EMR), you are welcome to do so, free of charge, provided that you are making this electronic M-CHAT(-R/F) just for use in your own office’s medical record. You must follow the requirements that you do not alter the instrument’s name, instructions, items, item order, or the copyright notice at the bottom. If in the future you are ever interested in marketing or distributing any electronic format of the M-CHAT(-R/F), you will need to contact Diana Robins to develop a licensing agreement. Please submit your request through the License Inquiry form.
  • If you distribute software, such as electronic health records, assessment packages, or devices and would like to distribute any electronic format of the M-CHAT(-R/F), please submit your request through our License Inquiry form.

If you prefer a copy without shading in order for faxes to be clear, please use this version of M-CHAT-R/F.